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Future-proof with a complete 4K / UHD workflow

  • Freelance, experienced, independent DOP / Director / Editor / Colorist with Red Dragon Camera and workflow
  • Narrative Films - Fiction or non-Fiction
  • Music, Fashion and Beauty Videos
  • TVC, Web Commercials
  • Profiles and Documentaries
  • Travelogue and stock photography/video
    (ask about our portable cinema shooters' kit)
  • Corporate Video, Interviews with/without Teleprompter
  • Editing and Post Production

Available to shoot almost anywhere from the Middle East to the Pacific. 

We are fast, efficient, reliable, creative, experienced and lots of fun to work with. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in punctuality and exceeding clients' expectations. And that's why we're prepared to say "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back."

You'll be amazed how easy it is to adopt a R3D workflow.
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Enquiring from outside Malaysia?

We frequently cover editorial/interview/corporate work for overseas clients who need location work performed unsupervised in Malaysia and the region. This includes interviews for corporate or editorial, stock locations, green screen etc. Call Paul directly right now on +60 173300936 for prompt and efficient service. 
Nervous, Radio feat. H-ROC and Sonaone

Having seen my work on AV, American RnB artists Radio 3000 and H-ROC came to us to shoot the video for their debut single, Nervous. It's so good that Warner have given Radio a publishing deal and he'll be spending most of the early part of 2015 promoting the single all over the USA.

We shot in several locations in KL, sometimes causing quite a stir when two attractive ladies walked down Jalan Alor in the early hours of Sunday morning, carrying orange umbrellas and closely followed by two large rappers and a hot looking middle aged man wearing a steadicam. 
While not a big fan of the autotune sound I really like this catchy, upbeat song. Radio and H-ROC themselves are lovely, fun guys to work with and I think you'll see the the enthusiasm comes through in the video. This also marks a debut for me, as it's the first pop video I've directed. 

The song launched on 31st January at AfterWerk in Scotts Garden, KL. I wish Radio and H-ROC the best of success with it. 


Pop Videos, Vintage Lenses, Colour Temperature and Filtration

Here's a great example of everything coming together really quick, which occured while shooting a music video on Boxing Day. There is no DI in the shot below, this the in-camera look. And the shot took less than ten minutes to set up. Start with a very pretty and well-styled young model in a cold grey room lit by daylight balanced flourescents. Add a large tungsten softbox in the top corner of the room, put on 30 year old lens on a 10 month old cutting edge, state of the art digital camera. White balance for daylight to turn the grey wall a nice shade of blue. Shoot at 96 frames per second with a 360° shutter (around 1/96th sec just slow enough that the lights don't flicker) and just pick your favourite frame. 


Oh, one more thing. Add some secret sauce in front of the lens to make those highlights roll off just like film. 

Watch out for the finished product when it is released in February 2014. 

Dragons in Space

Red Dragon at NASANext time you hire me for a shoot, remember that I will be bringing the very same camera that NASA will be sending into space

Of course, NASA will use lenses that might be a bit more expensive, and for sure the tripod and dolly will cost Billions, but the basic unit that records images, and the sensor inside it, will be exactly the same. 

If it's good enough for Calamity Studio, it's good enough for NASA. 


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