What We Do

Future-proof with a complete 4K / UHD workflow

  • Freelance, independent DOP / Director / Editor / Colorist with Red Dragon Camera and workflow
  • Narrative Films - Fiction or non-Fiction
  • TVC, Web Commercials
  • Profiles and Documentaries
  • Travelogue and stock photography/video (ask about our portable cinema shooters' kit)
  • Corporate Video, Interviews with/without Teleprompter
  • CEO or Senior Management Messages
  • Corporate Sales Presentations for High Value Presentations
  • Staff Intelligence Dissemination Strategies
  • Motivational Videos
  • Training and How-to Videos
  • Music, Fashion and Beauty Videos
  • Aerial Photography and Video
  • Editing and Post Production: Resolve Full, Premiere, After Effects, Mocha

We frequently cover editorial/interview/corporate work for overseas clients who need location work performed unsupervised in Malaysia and the region. 

We are fast, efficient, reliable, creative, experienced and lots of fun to work with. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in punctuality and exceeding clients' expectatations. And that's why we're prepared to say "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back."

You'll be amazed how easy it is to adopt a R3D workflow.
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Thus... With a Kiss

And so... for Halloween, a little short that was made with a lot of love, effort and talent. 
Shot in three days with a three man crew. Edited and mastered to 4K Scope (4096 x 1716 pixels).  


Dragons in Space

Red Dragon at NASANext time you hire me for a shoot, remember that I will be bringing the very same camera that NASA will be sending into space

Of course, NASA will use lenses that might be a bit more expensive, and for sure the tripod and dolly will cost Billions, but the basic unit that records images, and the sensor inside it, will be exactly the same. 

If it's good enough for Calamity Studio, it's good enough for NASA. 


AV, the Magnificent 7 Female Rappers


For the very first time, 7 female Malayian rappers got together in front of my Dragon to make this video for their debut cipher. Featuring well known media stars Hunny Madu, Kayda and Nadhira, the video also introduces Al Caponey, Shikara, Rubba Band and Supa Mojo. Each has their own unique style. Most raps are in English but also Tamil, Malay and Mandarin are featured. 

This was shot in 6K HD over three days in various locations around KL. All the lighting and look effects were created in-camera.  Kuhan edited it and I coloured it in Resolve. 

Right now I am working with various production houses to create more stunning visuals. Expect to soon see our announcements for a nice campaign for a beer brand, some more Red Bull stuff and a very exciting festival-bound short film that I co-scripted and DoP under the helm of director Fairil Desa. 

Enter The Dragon


Now shooting!

The Red Dragon

Contact us now to book your shoot.

Toothless The Dragon sproting a nice Contax Zeiss 50mm Super PrimeThe long wait is over. Meet 'Toothless', Malaysia's first Red Dragon

Make sure your productions are shot with the most technically advanced Cinema camera in the world. With a dynamic range of over 16 stops, creamy highlights and images up to 9 times larger than HD, you can be assured that every shot will look the best it can possibly be.

The Red Dragon is rare. You can't buy it in shops. You can't even buy it online. You can't even rent it at Cinerent or FEG. But it's in serious demand. This is the camera that Michael Bay used for Transformers 4. That David Fincher used to film Gone Girl. That James Cameron will shoot Avatar 2, 3, and 4 with. And you can use it on your productions very very soon.

Call or email for details.

And don't forget, we shoot all over South East Asia and beyond.

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