Kita Ok!

A social movement to bring Malaysians together.


Produced by Shiroku Productions.

Executive Producer: Peter Chin

Producer: Jeremy M Smith

Director: Mark Lee

Cinematographer: Paul Russell

Senior Line Producer: Mira Amin

Line Producer: YeeShern Lim

Assistant: Yap Xhian Way & Vernon Max

Editor: Kiang Hy

Audio Sound Mix: Stanley Fam




A Genuine Viral Hit - 500,000 views in 3 days!

Flex Facebook Recruitment Ad: Technology


Shot with Singapore production house The Antidote.

Director, Tom Radford.

Director of Photography, Paul Russell


Flex wanted something that would go viral and recruit factory workers for their high tech bonded production facility near Johor.


This ad is one of a series of two. It went wild within a few days, pulling in over 500,000 views on FB alone.

DJ Awan: Yar Dadi (Director's Cut)


Director / DP: Paul Russell


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